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We Create Distinctive Uniforms

Workwear plays a crucial role in the mining, construction, infrastructure, and transportation industries. At the same time, companies look forward to customizing their work uniforms to attain integrity. Furthermore, the working clothes must meet the safety standards accepted globally.

The expert team at AttireCorp manufactures and designs comfortable custom workwear. We utilize fabrics of high quality and technology to carve perfectly fitting attire. Our garments make the employees work with integrity and convenience while performing significant tasks.

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Custom Workwear Specialists in UAE

Our professionals are experts in designing high visibility attire, PPE garments, and other customized clothes for work. Customization allows companies to add their brand-specific information on women’s workwear. We also add special features to the costumes, such as insect repellents, fire resistance, arc flash resistance, etc. In addition, all our fabrics are durable, breathable, and light to carry.


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Workwear Customization Experts

Our trained members have ample knowledge and experience in manufacturing and designing work pants for men. In addition, we have the expertise to deliver personalized garments for work in various industries. Apart from hi-vis garments and PPE, we also provide polo shirts, apparel, headwear, outerwear, etc. We design all costumes based on your preferences, requirements, and standards. We offer timely delivery of the custom workwear as we understand the importance of your work.


UAE Safety Standards Experts

We provide costumes that meet all global safety standards. Our custom workwear has high durability and strength as we use technical fabrics of the finest quality. Furthermore, the hi-vis work jacket we design has high visibility for both day and night. You can also get safety requirements from our costumes, like protection from sunlight, rain, etc.

Outstanding Production Quality Processes

At the core of our operations are quality assurance and production processes. We show leadership by using scale production, ethical manufacturing methods, creating our own proprietary products, and staying on the cutting edge of best practices in the industry.

Quality Standards

All manufacturers adhere to our own Code of Conduct Agreement and are ISO and WRAP certified. Producing Samples To ensure consistent quality, garment and trim samples are examined before, throughout, and after bulk production.

Sizing Consistency

Through in-line inspections during the cutting, sewing, and packing processes, size uniformity is managed. Critical and non-critical points of measurement are met by measuring garments.

Batch Control

To ensure production traceability through our ERP, all clothing is labelled with batch information, including the location of manufacture, the date of production, and the batch number.

Specifications & Tech Packs

We generate technical specification packets that comprise patterns, size charts, and garment details to make sure that every item is manufactured precisely to our standards.

Quality Assurance

We have strong quality control procedures and QA measures in place for the production process. Pre-shipment QC checks are managed by a third party inspection agent. All items that are delivered to our warehouse are additionally examined by our Queensland-based QA team.

Partnership Approach

We are one of the few suppliers of custom uniforms in Dubai who work directly with textile producers. As a result, we receive high-quality materials quicker and at a lower cost. As a result of this arrangement, your bottom line directly benefits because you have access to high-quality uniforms at a reasonable price.

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