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Proudly Made in the United Arab Emirates

Our unique advantage lies in producing your attires at our in-house facilities in the UAE, setting us apart from other corporate clothing suppliers who rely on offshore production. We prioritize exceptional fabric quality, allowing our clients to experience its superior feel during the customization process. Additionally, through strategic partnerships globally, we can manufacture specialized clothing items that may fall beyond our regular scope, ensuring comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our ventures in fashion brands and online retail have enhanced the capabilities of our in-house design and tech teams. This valuable expertise enables us to develop unique designs and vibrant colors that contribute to a compelling corporate image.

During the sampling stage, our dedicated teams thoroughly research each project to understand and meet our clients’ specific requirements. Subsequently, we design garments that successfully blend style, comfort, and functionality, ensuring a seamless combination of all three elements.



Which industries do you supply uniforms to?

We proudly supply uniforms to various industries, including the hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, hospitals, schools and brands. Our bespoke uniform tailoring services cater to private clients for various occasions, including casual wear, workwear, country sports, weddings, and even Royal Ascot. To learn more about the sectors we supply, please visit our dedicated page on our website.

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