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Uniforms That Embody Your Brand

Security is a crucial department of any organization. The personnel sincerely and dutifully protect the other employees. It is a role of huge responsibility and meticulousness. Thus, the uniform they wear should carry similar impressions.

At AttireCorp, we ensure that the security dress we render to our clients reflects their role. Our expert team of designers knows exactly how to maintain uniformity while creating uniforms for the security personnel.

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Uniforms That Protect

The security uniform we create is a picture of your protection towards your organization. We make such uniforms that assure people to come up to you for gaining security and protection. The uniforms we create shall also protect you from the day’s toils as the fabric is breathable and durable. Furthermore, our uniforms shall enhance your smartness, confidence, bravery, and loyalty towards your role.

UAE Security Uniform Specialists

Our trained professionals know how a security guard uniform should be. Our clothiers shall impart their years of experience into making a perfectly fitting and comfortable uniform for the security departments.

Custom Uniform – We are adept security uniform suppliers and provide customized security uniforms for our clients. Customization has many benefits when it comes to uniforms. For example, an organization can imprint its specialties, employee identities, motto, and personal touch to the garments. We shall be more than glad to incorporate all your preferences into the security uniforms. Furthermore, our experienced tailors shall carve out perfect fitting for the uniforms. This shall enhance your look towards your role.

Guaranteed Continuity of Supply

Our team understands that any organization may carry out mass recruitment of security personnel. We also know that the dress codes of this department may change as per standards. Thus, we deliver the finished uniforms at the right time so that you are not deprived of protecting your employees. Also, you can select from a wide variety of fabrics and branding needs for bulk uniforms. This shall also optimize your costing for the orders, such as security jacket, vest, etc.

Not Just Uniforms

We are trained to produce many accessories apart from a security uniform. These include epaulets, badges with embroidery, signage of events, ties, merchandise, and other uniform accessories. In addition, we shall customize the badges, headwear, belts, etc., as per your preferences and requirements.

Allow us to create the security uniforms for your firm. We assure you timely delivery, cost efficiency,
high quality, and perfect fitting.

  • uniform accessories

  • identification solutions

  • custom epaulettes

  • custom ties

  • embroidered & silicone badges

  • merchandise

  • event signage

In-house Embellishment

With in-house embellishment capability and our on-demand ordering – we offer an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring corporate staff receives their orders to specification and on-time.

Reliable Dispatch & Delivery

Corporates can work with us in a number of ways. We offer either company-owned warehousing solutions or 3PL for larger companies, each with Pick Pack Post service.

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